A-four-mation: Acknowledge, Accept, Adapt, Attack

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We all know that when we go out to any type of gathering or event that onlookers are judging the people they see including you. You DO KNOW THAT, right? Well, business events of any kind are no different.

So, here is what you need to understand. First, acknowledge that it is happening. And it is ok. You know that you are more than likely judging them in some sort of way as well. Be honest. It’s all good! We are all human.

Secondly, accept that you can’t control it. And that too, is ok. They can not control your thoughts either. Alright, we are seeing folks glance and smile. Ladies, maybe the woman at the registration table is checking out that purse you placed on the table. Fellas, maybe the guy at the door has just deepened his voice when he asks to see your badge?!? It is happening! Sometimes in the most subtle ways. While others are blatant as the day is long.

Third, adapt your attitude, tone and body language. Let your confidence shine. Not feeling confident. Fake it! It is your time to shine. Ladies, if you meet eyes with her as she is checking out your bag, compliment her or show her you appreciate her getting your badge for you and getting you set to go in. Gents, show appreciation to that guy at the door...a solid handshake as a sign of appreciation will do wonders. Why? You have no idea who these individuals are. Nor who they know and or can connect you with. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You haven’t even gotten in the door yet.

Last but not least, attack the prospect with qualifying questions and move on. Alright, you in! Shaking hands, grabbing business cards, and trying to figure out where you are going to spend the most of your time. We all look for that comfortable spot to regroup at. Focus, it is time to make this work. Small talk is good. But when you have paid to enter a meeting to network, you hope to engage with an individual that you can develop a relationship with. Let me be clear, if you are not asking qualifying questions to all that you meet, you have wasted your time. More importantly, you have wasted your time

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