Men are silent but deadly. Or are they?

Yes! I did just say that! Men are silent but deadly salesman. However, don’t confuse that with me saying that they are better sales professionals than women.

The reason I said that men are silent is because women are just more vocal. Men are not emotionally attached to their interactions in the sales environment. Their goal is TO GET A SALE. Not make friends. And with that being said, in my observations, they sometimes miss an opportunity to collaborate which will bring business down the line. When men are in an environment like a networking event, they are focused and they are looking to get a commitment at “Hello!”. Most times, they will get a commitment to the next steps.

Whereas, as people from Venus, AKA women, naturally want to on some level befriend our prospects. We tend to try and fill them out, connect on some level, and build rapport. Oftentimes, we are afraid to get a commitment for the next step fearing that we may come off as a used cars salesman. This is where I believe we Increase the length of time it takes for us to get a sale Versus the length of time it takes a man.

It has been proven that women are naturally equipped to be amazing salesperson but the problem is that most of us have no idea. We focus on attempting to sell like man and that will never happen. Women build natural relationships which tend to lead to recurrent sales. Men need to keep selling, selling and selling, moving one prospect to another. Women tend to court less prospects than men but our sales numbers tend to be higher. In a survey performed by HubSpot, it says women are 11% more likely to win deals. They are also 54% more likely to move a sale the next level whereas men are 49%. The gap doesn’t seem that large until you put dollars and cents between it.

So, ROCK ON LADIES! Fellas, date your potential customers. There is much value in that.

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