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to sales.


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" My goal is to bring balance to sales by collaborating with you as we strive to overcome hurdles."

- Dawn Sneed

When your elevator/sales pitch is unclear, people won’t know if they need your product or service.  If you simply collect business cards without asking the right questions, how will you know if they are a good fit for your business? When customers read see your flyers, social media posts, and or get emails that aren’t consistent with your brand, how will they trust you?

Let’s bring balance to sales.

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I'm Dawn Sneed


I am a passionate woman with experiences as an account manager and marketing expert who have been connecting people and services through relationship building for almost two decades. For the last three years, I have had the honor of founding VendorHub and Vertigo Consulting & Vendor Management.


I drew on my diverse experiences in administrative and project support, marketing, sales, project management, and business development to create platforms that will allow business owners and service industry professionals learn how to change their sales mindset.

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“She is willing to give her all for a successful outcome and/or deliverable.  Further, Dawn exhibits a stellar work ethic and excellent communication skills.  She will be a great contribution to a deserving company.”

- Carlie Peisley

Legal Assistant at LAW FIRM