Meet Dawn!


Dawn Sneed


I am a passionate woman with experiences as an account manager and marketing expert who have been connecting people and services through relationship building for almost two decades. For the last three years, I have had the honor of founding VendorHub and Vertigo Consulting & Vendor Management.


I drew on my diverse experiences in administrative and project support, marketing, sales, project management, and business development to create these platforms that will allow business owners and service industry professionals to learn how to change their mindset about sales, increase their market share, promote their work, share their expertise, seize business opportunities, and interact with consumers while leaving a lasting impression. I use my innovative and unparalleled ability to harness the power of listening to understand and serve my customers, consistently foster strong business relationships, and position myself to be front of mind for future business.


I have gained industry experience in general construction, restoration, and real estate. Being a minority woman navigating the “Good ole’ boys club” in construction for nearly two decades has given me a very colorful and diverse set of unique skills. I have observed the corporate environment in these industries through the eyes of a minority and as a woman. My goal is to remind minority women that you are naturally equipped to dominate in any sales environment you choose. Through coaching in person and email, I assist with how to present, how to move the conversation forward, even help direct who or where to share their product or services. And I do all this by simply supporting the skills and talents they already have.


As a natural connector, I started a small group called VendorHub Collaborative, joined the International Women’s Association, as well as participate in other business-related organizations.


I attribute my success to learned time management skills, a passion for understanding the perplexities of other businesses, and being able to translate to a client why it matters.